Cloud Computing    

We offer one-stop cloud computing solutions for enterprises.



From the early stages of development and deployment, to the later operation, maintenance and monitoring

We choose efficient software tools to save costs for enterprises

And help enterprises tap potentials and increase efficiency in accordance with international standards.




Data Center Optimization

Arrange basic resources based on actual demand, protect corporate IT assets, improve management, operation and maintenance efficiency, and solve the nagging issues at data centers such as high input costs, heavy operation and maintenance workloads , and poor scalability.


Development & Testing

Provide agile deployment schemes based on the actual demand of enterprise business, and offer customized solutions for application development and testing scenarios. Implement templated and process-based tools for agile development to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Disaster Recovery

To deal with the impact of unexpected catastrophic events that may cause server shutdown and data loss, the Mingie team adopts a cross-cloud backup strategy to ensure business continuity and zero data loss.



We are committed to Ethereum-based application development.



Turn enterprises from understanding the blockchain into trusting the blockchain through professional scenario analysis

Provide tailor-made on-chain solutions by virtue of accurate market positioning

Committed to Your Trust and True Value.




With deep understanding and experience of the blockchain technology, the Mingie partners can provide valuable on-chain consulting services for traditional industries.



We resort to the distributed ledger, the essence of the blockchain, to help small businesses reduce financing costs, as well as provide banks and tax authorities with efficient and transparent audit solutions.